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Technical parameters of high-pressure homogenizer

2024-02-28 14:34

High pressure homogenizer is a kind of commonly used mechanical equipment, which is widely used in homogenization treatment of suspension, lotion, colloid and particle in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. The following are the technical parameters and selection guidelines for high-pressure homogenizers:

Technical parameters:

Pressure range: The pressure range of a high-pressure homogenizer is usually between 100-2000 bar. By adjusting the working pressure of the machine, it is possible to meet the processing requirements of different materials.

Flow range: The flow range of high-pressure homogenizers is usually between 0.5 and 20 tons per hour. According to different application requirements, suitable traffic ranges can be selected.

Homogenization chamber: The high-pressure homogenizer adopts different homogenization chamber designs, such as Y-shaped, Z-shaped, etc. Homogeneous cavities with different apertures are suitable for different material processing needs.

Temperature control: High pressure homogenizers typically have a temperature control system to ensure temperature stability of materials during processing.

Additional features: The high-pressure homogenizer can also be equipped with other functions, such as online detection, automatic control system, etc., to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Selection guide:

Application field: Choose a suitable high-pressure homogenizer according to different application fields. For example, the food processing industry requires high-pressure homogenizers that meet food safety standards, while the pharmaceutical industry requires high-pressure homogenizers that meet GMP standards.

Material characteristics: Different materials have different characteristics, such as viscosity, density, particle size, etc. When choosing a high-pressure homogenizer, it is necessary to consider these characteristics and processing requirements in order to choose a suitable model.

Production capacity: Select a suitable high-pressure homogenizer based on actual production needs to ensure that it can meet the requirements of production capacity.

Technical support: Choose a high-pressure homogenizer manufacturer with good technical support and after-sales service to ensure timely resolution of problems encountered during use.

Price cost: When choosing a high-pressure homogenizer, it is necessary to consider whether its price cost matches the actual production demand and whether it has a high cost-effectiveness.

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