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Purchase glass rotor flowmeter

2024-02-28 14:30

The main measuring components of a glass rotor flowmeter are a vertically installed conical glass tube with a small bottom and a large top, and a float that can move up and down inside. When the fluid passes through a conical glass tube from bottom to top, a pressure difference is generated between the top and bottom of the float, and the float rises under this pressure difference. When the rising force, buoyancy, and viscous lift on the float are equal to the gravity of the float, the float is in equilibrium position. Therefore, there is a certain proportional relationship between the fluid flow rate passing through the product and the rising height of the float, that is, the flow area of the product, and the position and height of the float can be used as a flow measurement.

When selecting a glass rotor flowmeter, attention should be paid to:

1. The object of measurement. Measure the type of medium, pressure, and chemical properties. For corrosive media such as liquid and gas media, corrosion-resistant flow meters should be selected.

2. The performance of the flowmeter itself. After the above conditions are determined, generally speaking, if there is no significant change in price, the needle valve placed on the upper part of the flow meter can be preferred; For those with larger flow holes, they are directly calibrated for flow rate; Simple in structure; Smaller external dimensions, etc.

3. Choose based on price. Generally speaking, high precision leads to high prices. The accuracy level of the instrument should be selected according to the measurement purpose. If only the measurement medium throughput needs to be controlled, and after trial operation and adjustment, this throughput needs to be consistently stable in the future, then accuracy is secondary.

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