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Selection guide for ion exchange equipment

2024-02-28 14:28

Ion exchange equipment is a traditional and mature desalination treatment equipment, which relies on the exchange of certain ions in ion exchange agents (resins) and ions with the same electrical properties in pre-treatment water under certain conditions to achieve functions such as softening, alkali removal, and desalination. Used for deep desalination treatment, the dynamic resistivity of the produced water can reach 18M Ω· cm.

Selection guide:

Firstly, we need to consider the water quality of the water flow we are dealing with, to see if there are any issues such as excessive hardness, excessive calcium and magnesium ion content leading to clogging of heat exchange equipment, and greatly reduced cooling or heat exchange efficiency of central air conditioning. When facing these situations, we need to consider using a sodium ion exchanger for treatment. If the sediment content in the water is relatively high, we need to use a cyclone sand remover or a backwash sewage remover for treatment.

Secondly, we need to consider our own processing water volume and operating conditions, as simple processing water only requires a small amount of resin for operation. If the processing water volume is relatively large and the operating environment is harsh, we need to consider using high-quality and durable machine heads and carbon steel resin tanks to ensure the service life and effectiveness of internal equipment.

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