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What materials are required for QS on-site audit

2024-01-26 15:23

1. Documents: including relevant laws and regulations, management documents, procedural documents, record files (sample trial production records, equipment operation records, water quality inspection records, etc.).

2. Production site: Dynamic inspection (normal production) is generally required, and key processes must be checked. In addition, attention should be paid to auxiliary systems (air conditioning system, water system, tool washing, disinfection, etc.), and attention should be paid to preventing pollution and cross contamination, such as whether containers and containers in contact with the product will be cross contaminated during washing.

3. Communication and exchange with inspectors, regarding the detection of problems, suggestions and measures for rectification.

4. Sampling site: At the same time, relevant inspections should be conducted on the warehouse situation (the rationality and necessity of the warehouse setting, and whether it can meet the storage requirements of relevant products [raw materials, auxiliary materials, finished products, packaging materials, etc.]).

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