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Maintenance of high and low temperature humidity and heat test chambers

2024-01-26 15:21

So in daily use and maintenance, we also need to pay attention to the following precautions:

1. Due to the high value of temperature (humidity) chambers, it is recommended to place them in a relatively benign temperature environment, with an empirical temperature value of 8 ℃~23 ℃. For laboratories that do not have this condition, appropriate air conditioners (air-cooled) or cooling towers (water-cooled) should be equipped.

2. Adhere to dedicated and professional management. Units with conditions should periodically send dedicated personnel to the supplier's factory for training and learning, in order to gain more professional maintenance and repair experience and skills.

3. Regularly (every 3 months) clean the condenser: For compressors that use air-cooled cooling, the condenser fan should be regularly inspected and cleaned to ensure good ventilation and heat exchange performance; For compressors that use water-cooled cooling, in addition to ensuring their inlet water pressure and temperature, it is also necessary to ensure the corresponding flow rate, and regularly clean and descale the inside of the condenser to obtain its continuous heat transfer performance.

4. Regularly (every 3 months) clean the evaporator (dehumidifier): Due to the different cleanliness levels of the test samples, under the forced air circulation, a lot of small particles such as dust will accumulate on the evaporator (dehumidifier), and regular cleaning should be carried out.

5. Cleaning and balancing of circulating fan blades and condenser fans: Similar to cleaning evaporators, due to the different working environments of the test chamber, many small particles such as dust will accumulate on the circulating fan blades and condenser fans, and regular cleaning should be carried out.

6. Cleaning of waterways and humidifiers: If the waterways are not smooth and the humidifier scales, it is easy to cause the humidifier to dry and burn, which may damage the humidifier. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the waterways and humidifiers.

7. After each experiment, set the temperature near the ambient temperature, work for about 30 minutes, then cut off the power and clean the inner wall of the studio.

8. If the equipment needs to be relocated, it is best to follow the guidance of technical personnel to avoid unnecessary damage or damage to the equipment.

9. If the product is shut down for a long time and not used, it should be powered on regularly every two weeks for no less than one hour.

10. Maintenance principle: As the environmental test chamber is mainly composed of multiple systems including electrical, refrigeration, and mechanical systems, once there is a problem with the equipment, a comprehensive and systematic inspection and analysis of the entire equipment should be carried out. Generally speaking, the process of analysis and judgment can start with "external" factors and then "internal" factors, such as cooling water and power supply. After completely eliminating external factors, the equipment can be systematically decomposed based on the fault phenomenon, and then comprehensively analyzed and judged. The reverse method can be used to find the cause of the fault: first, check whether there is a problem with the electrical system according to the electrical wiring diagram, and finally, check whether there is a problem with the refrigeration system. Before understanding the cause of the malfunction, do not blindly disassemble or replace components to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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