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Classification of centrifuge tubes

2024-01-25 14:24

1. Plastic centrifuge tube

The advantage of plastic centrifuge tubes is that they are transparent or semi transparent. They have low hardness and can be removed by puncture method to remove gradients. The disadvantages are easy deformation, poor resistance to organic solvent corrosion, and short service life. Plastic centrifuge tubes all have caps, which are used to prevent sample leakage, especially when used for radioactive or highly corrosive samples. It is important to prevent sample leakage; The tube cover also serves to prevent sample evaporation and support the centrifuge tube, preventing deformation of the centrifuge tube. When selecting this point, it is also important to pay attention to checking whether the pipe cover is tight and whether it can be tightly sealed during the test to ensure that there is no liquid leakage when inverted; We all know that commonly used materials in plastic centrifuge tubes include polyethylene (PE), polycarbonate (PC), polypropylene (PP), etc. Among them, polypropylene PP tubes have relatively better performance. Therefore, when selecting plastic centrifuge tubes, we try to consider polypropylene plastic centrifuge tubes as much as possible.

2. Glass centrifuge tube

When using glass tubes, the centrifugal force should not be too large, and rubber pads should be used to prevent tube breakage. Glass tubes are generally not used in high-speed centrifuges. If the sealing of the centrifuge tube cover is not good enough, the liquid cannot be filled up (for high-speed centrifuges and using angle rotors) to prevent overflow and loss of balance. The consequence of overflow is to contaminate the rotor and centrifugal chamber, affecting the normal operation of the sensor. When centrifuging at high speed, the liquid must be filled up in the centrifuge tube, because supercentrifugation requires high vacuum pumping, and only by filling up can deformation of the centrifuge tube be avoided.

3. Steel centrifuge tube

Steel centrifugal pipes have high strength, do not deform, can resist heat, frost, and chemical corrosion. They are also widely used, but they should also avoid contact with strong corrosive chemicals such as strong acids and bases when used. Try to avoid the corrosion of these chemicals as much as possible.

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