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High performance liquid chromatography instrument

2024-01-25 14:20

1、 Startup program

1. Open the nitrogen main valve and tighten the pressure divider valve. 2. Turn on the voltage regulator and the chromatograph switch. 3. Start the computer, run the software, call the pre edited control method, and download it to the chromatograph. 4. After the temperature of the column box reaches the initial value set by the control method, measure the column flow rate: add a few drops of leak detection liquid to the soap film flow meter, and connect the soft rubber hose to the detector outlet; Press TIME on the keyboard of the chromatograph, and the display screen will show t=0:00:00 1/t=0.00. Press Enter to start timing, then press Stop, and press CLEAR to return to zero; If the 1ml scale of the soap film flowmeter is used as the reference, the measured column flow rate is 1 (ml) × 1/t (s-1), 10ml, 100ml, and so on; Adjust the column head pressure to obtain the required column flow rate. 5. Turn on the air pump and hydrogen generator. 6. Adjust the air and hydrogen on the flow meter of the auxiliary control panel to 35psi and 20psi, respectively. Turn on the air and hydrogen adjustment buttons on the control panel of detector A to the maximum, and press the ignition switch to ignite. 7. Slowly turn the auxiliary air adjustment button on the control panel of detector A to its maximum position.

2、 Software

Key points for using (HP3398A GC Chemstation) and simple sample determination 1. Control method: Menu operation: Run ->Edit control method ->System 1; Press the Edit control method; Select Back in the Input column and set the injector temperature; Set the heating program for the column box in the Oven column; Select Front in the Detector column and set the detector temperature; Select 1: DetA, 2: DetA in the General column Signal option; Press Send to download the control method to the chromatograph, close, and save. 2. Collection: Menu operation: Collection ->Simple Collection ->Applicable to System 1; Specify the file prefix and identifier, select the desired control method, and press Start; After the NOT READY indicator light (red) on the chromatograph goes out, use a micro injector to quickly inject the sample into injection port 2. Immediately press the START button on the chromatograph keyboard, and the computer screen will display the real-time data collection status; After the collection is completed, wait for the red indicator light to turn off before starting the next injection; If you want to stop the collection process, first press the STOP button on the chromatograph keyboard, and then press the STOP button on the collection window. 5. Turn off the air pump and voltage regulator. 6. Close the nitrogen main valve, return the gauge head to zero, and loosen the pressure divider valve. Turn the air, hydrogen, and auxiliary gas adjustment buttons on the control panel of detector A on the chromatograph to the minimum.

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