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Precautions for using artificial climate boxes

2024-01-25 14:21

1. The water storage tank of the artificial climate box should be filled with pure water, and it is strictly prohibited to add tap water.

2. It is strictly prohibited for the water level in the storage tank to be lower than the warning water level during the operation of the artificial climate box.

During transportation and handling, it is prohibited to place the artificial climate incubator upside down or at an angle greater than 45 degrees.

4. After the equipment is placed on the ground, if the ground is uneven, it should be leveled, and a space of at least 300mm should be left on the left, right, and back of the equipment. If the equipment is used in an ambient temperature above 30 ℃, it is recommended to strengthen ventilation measures on the back of the equipment and reduce the ambient temperature (such as installing air conditioning to maintain the temperature of the equipment at around 25 ℃ during operation) to prevent the compressor from freezing due to overheating.

5. During normal operation of this device, the contents inside the box should be neatly arranged and not overcrowded. It should not affect the air circulation inside the box to ensure uniform temperature inside.

6. This device should be kept away from electromagnetic interference sources and its ground wire should be grounded.

When the temperature of the incubator studio approaches the set temperature, the heating indicator light will flicker on and off repeatedly, which is a normal phenomenon. In general, after measuring the temperature and reaching the control temperature for about 1 hour, the temperature inside the studio enters a constant temperature state.

8. If the cooling effect of the equipment is not ideal (slow cooling or static difference) after working in the cooling state for a period of time, it may be caused by frosting of the evaporator. Generally, set a temperature of 40 ℃ and let the equipment work for more than 3 hours (usually running for 7-15 days, requiring a "defrosting" treatment) before putting it into use.

9. The inner walls of the box and the surface of the equipment should be regularly wiped to maintain cleanliness and increase the transparency of the glass; Do not use acid, alkali, or other corrosive solutions to wipe the outer surface.

10. If the equipment is not used for a long time, the power cord should be unplugged, the water inside the box should be wiped clean, and it should be operated regularly (usually in the first quarter) for 5 hours according to the usage conditions. The temperature should be set at 40 ℃, and the door should be opened every 2 hours to release moisture. After treatment, the power plug should be unplugged and stored to remove moisture from the electrical part and avoid damaging relevant components.

If the equipment malfunctions, it should be repaired and resolved by professional personnel or manufacturers.

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