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Classification of laboratory centrifuges

2024-01-25 14:28

Classification of laboratory centrifuges:

1. According to structure, it can be divided into desktop centrifuges and vertical centrifuges (floor type centrifuges).

2. According to the separation method, it can be divided into settling centrifuge and filtering centrifuge.

3. According to speed, it can be divided into low-speed centrifuges and high-speed centrifuges.

4. According to capacity, it can be divided into micro centrifuges (micro centrifuges), small capacity centrifuges (small centrifuges), and large capacity centrifuges (large centrifuges).

5. According to the presence or absence of freezing, it can be divided into freezing centrifuge (low-temperature centrifuge) and room temperature centrifuge.

6. Classified by purpose: medical centrifuge, blood centrifuge, serum centrifuge, plasma centrifuge, fat centrifuge, blood bank centrifuge, blood type card centrifuge, cell centrifuge, washing centrifuge, smear centrifuge, capillary centrifuge, decapitation centrifuge, decapitation centrifuge, enzyme-linked plate centrifuge, specialized centrifuge, biological centrifuge, pharmaceutical centrifuge, chemical centrifuge, food centrifuge, starch centrifuge Protein separation centrifuges, beer centrifuges, beverage centrifuges, fruit juice centrifuges, dairy centrifuges, fermentation broth centrifuges, yeast centrifuges, petroleum centrifuges, crude oil centrifuges, oilfield centrifuges, oil centrifuges, oil centrifuges, rare earth centrifuges, mining centrifuges, coal centrifuges, sewage centrifuges, wastewater centrifuges, treatment centrifuges, experimental centrifuges, and laboratory centrifuges.

In addition, there are various laboratory centrifuges, such as automatic balance centrifuges and multi frame centrifuges.

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