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The difference between a drying oven and a vacuum drying oven

2024-01-25 14:27

Drying oven is a commonly used instrument and equipment, mainly used for drying samples, and can also provide the temperature environment required for experiments. Drying oven is applied in various industries such as chemical, electronics, casting, automotive, food, machinery, etc. It is generally divided into galvanized steel plate and stainless steel inner liner, pointer and digital, natural convection and blast circulation, conventional oven and vacuum type

Scope of application: Electric heating blast drying box (hot air disinfection box) is used for drying, baking, melting wax, and sterilization in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, research institutions, etc.

Control features: It has parameter memory protection and call recovery function due to power outage and data loss in the event of a crash.

The performance characteristics of new domestic ovens currently include:

1. Adopting the first domestic streamlined arc design, the shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed with plastic;

2. The temperature control system of this machine adopts microcomputer microcontroller technology, with temperature control, timing, and over temperature alarm;

3. Reasonable air ducts and circulation systems to minimize temperature uniformity changes within the studio;

4. Displayed as a dual screen high brightness digital tube display, with accurate and intuitive display values, superior performance, and touch button settings to adjust parameters;

5. The temperature control sensor adopts capacitive original imported components;

6. Has timing and timing functions;

7. The inner liner is made of mirror stainless steel material; The semi-circular corners are easy to clean;

8. The height and number of shelves in the studio can be adjusted according to user requirements;

9. Using imported motors and blades, with minimal air circulation, users can eliminate concerns about the scattering of small or powdered items during cultivation;

10. The box door is equipped with a large angle insulated tempered glass, which is easy for users to observe. The use of nano material door seals and insulation materials makes the overall performance of the machine more superior

Vacuum drying oven

The vacuum drying oven is designed specifically for drying heat sensitive, easily decomposable, and oxidizable substances. It can flush inert gases into the interior, especially for complex components that can be quickly dried.

Scope of application: Vacuum drying boxes are widely used in research and application fields such as biochemistry, chemical pharmaceuticals, medical and health, agricultural research, environmental protection, etc. They are only used for powder drying, baking, and disinfection and sterilization of various glass containers. Specially suitable for fast and efficient drying treatment of drying heat sensitive, easily decomposable, easily oxidizable substances, and complex components.

Structure and working principle

The shell of the electric vacuum drying oven is made of steel plate stamped, folded, and welded into shape. The surface of the shell is treated with high-strength electrostatic spray coating, and the paint film is smooth and firm. The studio is made of carbon steel plate or stainless steel plate folded and welded, and insulation cotton is filled between the studio and the shell. There are sample shelves inside the studio for placing various test items. Mica heaters are installed around the outer wall of the studio, and the door seal is sealed with silicone rubber strips. The box door is equipped with a sight glass for observation. The evacuation and inflation of the electric vacuum drying box are controlled by electromagnetic valves. The electrical box is located on the left or lower side of the box, and the front panel of the electrical box is equipped with a vacuum gauge, temperature control instrument, and control switch. The electrical box is equipped with electrical components.

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