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Ventilation in the chemical laboratory

2024-01-26 15:24

1. The conditions are simple and require careful design and a certain amount of funding. 2. There are significant security risks, usually only one channel is used for entry and exit, without a safe channel. Floor height limit, indoor air is prone to pollution with high pollution concentration. 3. The experimental facilities need to be customized, which increases costs and is inconvenient for ventilation and drainage. Taking all factors into consideration, it is not recommended to build on the interlayer if the underlying layer is not your own company.

It is necessary to layout reasonably according to the direction of the beams. The floor height is already insufficient, so ventilation ducts cannot be laid too much below the beams. Ventilation cabinets can be designed by the window, which can be directly connected to the outdoor exhaust fan and reduce indoor ducts. It is important to pay attention to the reasonable layout of pipelines, as the floor height is lower, but all necessary items such as fire pipes, water supply and drainage, ventilation pipes, air circuits, etc. need to be laid. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the reasonable layout between them to ensure safety.

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