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Why cashmere content differences will be large between same sample served on different testing institutions ?

2018-06-07 14:25

Current Cashmere Wool Test Standards are AATCC 20—2007、ISO 17751—2007、GB/T 16988—1997 and GB/T 14593—2008,These four methods are microscopic methods for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of cashmere wool.
The classification of fiber types is based on the characteristics of the animal’s fibrous scale structure, such as the difference in scale morphology, scale density, and scale thickness. The accuracy of cashmere testing depends on the technology used and the experience of the inspectors. Also with the test performance, a bit cashmere or even fine wool obtained through special processing, which gives the testing organization is difficult. At the same time, the tested sample after dyeing and post-processing processing, and then through the microscope, will also affect the judgments, making the detection of reduced repeatability.
Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish if the type of fiber is wool or cashmere. To a huge extent, the experimenter’s experience will provide the final judgement. Therefore, to ensure the repeatability of the test results, inspectors must observe more at work. Intensify the exchange of testing techniques, and frequent experimenting will help improve the accuracy of test results.

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