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Elmendorf Tear Stength Test Pendulum Method

2018-06-01 10:22

What is elmendorf tear definition? Elmendorf tear strength (or tear resistance) is a measure of how well a material can withstand the effects of tearing by pendulum method. Elmendorf tear tester manual and Elmendorf tear test units are most common used machines in this method.
The pendulum method (elmendorf test) is similar to the tongue tearing method and is in the family of fast tear strength test methods. The elmendorf tear test is commonly used. It can bet used for woven fabrics and also other fabrics that are produced with similar technology. However, this method can not be used for woven elastic fabrics, knitted fabrics, or any fabric that has the possibility of tearing transfer and has a great difference on weft and warp.
The Pendulum Method’s testing parameters have different national testing standards, as shown in Table 1 below.
Table 1 - Pendulum Method tear strength comparison of technical parameters:
Current elmendorf tear test procedure are as follows:
1. Preparation of samples based on sample templates.
2. Starting up the machine and set parameters.
3.  Elmendorf tearing tester calibration.
4.  Sample test.
5.  View elmendorf tear test resultsand print data.
What Factors to Pay Attention to when Determining the Tearing Strength?
2.The weight hammer should be installed in place and the weight nut should be tightened before use.
3.When the instrument is working, the hand and head must not be close to the turning area of the handle; it is strictly forbidden to make the handle run into any obstacles.
4.The instrument should swing several times before use, and zero-adjusting operation should be carried out when the instrument is not in use for a long time.
5.Before moving this instrument, be sure to put the swing device in lock state.
6.The protear elmendorf tearing testershould be maintained regularly.

Testing standard for tearing strength of textiles:
Tear refers to the phenomenon that the yarn of a fabric breaks one by one and causes the fabric to break along the cracks, usually during the use of fabrics such as military uniforms, sails, tents, umbrellas, hammocks, etc. Therefore, the durability of textiles should be evaluated in terms of tear properties in production. The tear strength of textiles is affected not only by the fabric’s properties, but also by every finishing process. According to the actual development requirements of textiles, the American material testing society has formulated a series of textile tearing strength standards (ASTM D1709, ASTM D1938, ASTM D1004 PDF, ASTM D1922 PDF, ISO 6388-2 PDF), and ISO followed these standards.
The elmendorf tear test, according to the elmendorf tear test formula, many international standards such as tear resistance ASTM D1922 can be tested. Elmendorf tear test can be used not only for testing the tear strength of fabric, but also for testing the tear strength of some plastic film and carton.


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