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Thermal radiation propagation tester

2024-06-03 17:01

  The thermal radiation propagation tester is used to test the fire reaction of rigid and soft materials, ranging from M-0 (non flammable) to M-4 (highly flammable), to determine the material's flammability index and combustion development status. The instrument cannot test melted sample materials.

  The thermal radiation propagation tester is equipped with a 45 ° sample holder, and two starting devices are connected to a small propane gas delivery hose. The system is equipped with two butane gas test flames, one above the sample and the other below, to ignite the output gas.

  technical parameter

  External dimensions: 230 x 50 x 230 h cm

  Combustor size: 90 x 50 x 120h cm

  Net weight: 140kg

  Gross weight: 170kg

  Power supply: 220 V -800 VA -1 Kw

  Gas: Propane, pressure 500 mbar

  NF P 92-501 Fire Response Test for Building Materials - Thermal Radiation Test on Hard Materials of Various thicknesses or Soft Materials with a Thickness Exceeding 5mm.

  technical characteristics

  1. Combustor: Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, designed with a glass door, covered with insulation material on the inner wall, with a slit below, including a temperature measuring device, for air to pass through a conical tube when the pressure differential indicator indicates a pressure of 6-10 Pascals.

  2. Temperature measurement device: located at the top outlet of the instrument room, the top side of the output channel (diameter 200mm) is equipped with a device for manually adjusting the airflow.

  3. Bracket: stainless steel, used to fix the test sample

  4. Thermal radiation flame propagation tester: bowl shaped, horizontally operated, with a power of 500 W -230 Vac.

  5. Grille plate: made of AISI304 stainless steel wire with a diameter of 3mm.

  6. Two combustion devices: used for the upper and lower parts of the flame

  7. A temperature measurement device consisting of 5 K-type thermocouples, connected in series, located at the bottom of the testing chamber, with 5 thermocouples located at the top outlet of the testing chamber.

  8. Stainless steel plate: AISI 304, with a thickness of 2.5 millimeters, used as a test sample size (300 x400 millimeters) to determine the thermal conditions during calibration.

  9. Supporting a tubular structure, equipped with a control panel for burners and pilot flames, it includes a voltage regulator, voltmeter, ammeter, and flow meter for regulating the gas flow rate of ignition equipment.

  10. Hoses and partitions are used to monitor airflow.

  11. Laptops and printers are used for monitoring and recording data during testing, as well as printing reports.

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