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Moisture permeability tester

2024-03-25 15:14

Shirley moisture permeability tester:

This instrument is used to detect the water vapor permeability of textiles and textile composite materials, especially sportswear fabrics. This instrument is equipped with 8 test containers, standard breathable fabric covers, sample clamping rings, and precision drive systems. In a constant temperature and humidity environment, the sample is covered on a sample dish containing water. After a certain period of time, water vapor seeps out of the fixed sample area. The weight of the water vapor passing through is measured, and the water vapor transmittance and water vapor permeability index are calculated.

Technical indicators:

1. Humidity adjustment cup: 8 (Pcs)

2. Speed: 1-5RPM

3. External dimensions: 785.00 x 270.00 x 285.00mm (L x W x H)

4. Weight: 30kg


BS 7209 BS3424

Instrument parameters:

Sample: 3 pieces with a diameter of 96mm

Internal dimensions of test vessel: diameter 83mm, depth 18.5mm

Test dish combination weight: 120g~150g/group (with water)

Test vessel filled with water: 46cm ^ 3

Distance between water surface and sample: 10 ± 1mm

Rotary table: made of aluminum, with a center circle diameter of P C. D 305mm

Test time: can be set

Timer: LCD display 0~9999h can be set

Power supply: 1 Å AC 220V 3A

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