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AATCC ready to wear observation board

2024-03-25 14:56

Compliant with standards:

AATCC 143/88, B&C 124/128/130

Applicable scope:

Evaluate the wrinkling, smoothness, seam marks, and oil stains of textiles, and provide accurate AATCC standard observation conditions. Evaluate and grade the appearance of the sample by comparing it with the standard light source and evaluation board.

Product details:

The textile appearance observation system meets the inspection conditions specified by AATCC. At the same time, it is equipped with optional brackets to support the three-dimensional specimen, and the light source can be switched. It is equipped with a cold light source of 2400mm (8ft) or 1200mm (4ft), and the equipment includes landing casters that are easy to move, providing two standard sizes.

Technical parameters:

1. The rating board can use 2400mm (8 feet) or 1200mm (4 feet) cold white lights.

2. The device is controlled by an electronic switch and uses a high-frequency power supply control device.

3. The rating board can be installed on a wall or placed on a mobile cart.

4. Boundary dimensions: 1830mm x 270mm x 1830mm (length x width x height)

5. Weight: 62kg (136lb)

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