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Low temperature folding tester - Chrysler

2024-03-25 15:00

Compliant with standard: LP-463KB-28-01 Method A

Applicable scope:

Suitable for evaluating the low-temperature performance of automotive soft decorative materials, used to test the low-temperature rupture resistance of soft decorative materials.

Soft decorative materials for automobiles (such as synthetic leather and synthetic fiber fabrics) are prone to cracking or damage under low temperature conditions. Such low-temperature testing instruments provide a basis for whether a soft decorative material is suitable for low temperature environments. Determination of Cold Crack Resistance of Automotive Soft Decoration Materials (Low Temperature Folding Test Method).

Product details:

This machine is mainly used for low-temperature folding testing, and can refer to relevant Chrysler standards. The degree of material damage under a certain number of test cycles at a fixed bending rate at a specific temperature.

The motor drives the working face to move back and forth, with the working face perpendicular to the horizontal plane and the direction of movement parallel to the horizontal plane. It records the number of working face movements with the proximity switch of the counter, and stops the test when the set number of movements is reached.

The instrument is easy to operate and install. Set up an automatic counter according to the Chrysler specifications of the sample and start working. When the instrument is working, place the control box outside the low-temperature room and the test bench inside the low-temperature room. These two parts are connected through the supplied connecting cables. At the same time, the motor operates in a designated low-temperature environment without any performance loss or impact.

Instrument features:

1. The mechanical components are composed of non corrosive structural aluminum and stainless steel materials;

2. Durable powder spraying and anodizing surface treatment;

3. Precision ball and needle bearings;

4. Extremely strong low-temperature adaptability;

5. A programmable controller with self stopping function;

6. The testing speed is adjustable.

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