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Steam shrinkage test box

2024-03-25 15:12

Compliant with standards:

ISO 3005, BS 4323, NEXT TM 15, M&S P8, IWTO 29-76

Applicable scope:

The testing of the steam shrinkage rate of fabrics can provide a renewable measurement of the shrinkage components generated during the fabric shrinkage process.

Product details:

The Gelowen G254 steam test box uses a built-in steam generator to test the steam size stability of fabrics under no stress. It is equipped with a stainless steel sample holder and an automatic timing device, and can simultaneously test four fabrics. Equipped with a steam stability scale to detect the shrinkage rate of fabrics treated with a steam test box. Use the scale to pre mark a reference point of 250mm on the fabric, and directly read the shrinkage percentage from the scale after testing.

Technical parameters:

Equipped with stainless steel sample holder;

Can simultaneously detect 4 fabrics;

Equipped with an automatic timing device;

Built in steam generator, without the need for auxiliary steam devices;

Equipped with steam stability reduction scale

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