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Mask synthetic blood penetrometer

2024-03-21 15:13

Product Introduction:

Used to measure the resistance of medical protective masks to synthetic blood penetration under different test pressures, and can also be used to measure the blood penetration resistance of other coating materials.

Compliant with standards:

1. GB 19083-2010 Technical Requirements for Medical Protective Masks, 5.5 Synthetic Blood Penetration Barrier Performance

2. YY/T 0691-2008 Infectious Pathogen Protective Equipment - Medical Face Masks - Test Method for Resistance to Synthetic Blood Penetration (Fixed Volume, Horizontal Spray)

3. YY 0469-2011 Technical Requirements for Medical Surgical Masks - Blood Penetration Test Devices

4. ISO 22609:2004 Infectious pathogen protective equipment - Medical face masks - Test method for resistance to synthetic blood penetration (fixed volume, horizontal spray)

5. ASTM F1862-07 Standard Test Method for Synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance of Medical Masks (Fixed Volume, Horizontal Spray)

Product features:

1. The protruding sample fixing device can simulate the actual usage status of the mask, leaving a test target area without damaging the sample, and distributing synthetic blood in the target area of the sample.

2. A specially designed constant pressure injection device can spray a certain volume of synthetic blood within a controlled time.

3. The experiment can fully simulate the jet velocity corresponding to the average blood pressure of 10.6kPa, 16kPa, and 21.3kPa in the human body.

4. The instrument is equipped with a fixed target plate, which can block the high-pressure edge of the sprayed liquid flow and only allow the steady-state flow part to be sprayed onto the sample, increasing the accuracy and repeatability of the liquid velocity sprayed onto the sample.

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