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Cotton fineness analyzer (airflow method)

2024-03-21 15:06

Compliant with standards:

GB 1103-2007, ASTM D1448, BS 3181, ISO 2403

Testing principle:

Using the airflow method to test the micronaire value of cotton, which is the maturity of cotton. When a certain pressure of air is applied to the cotton sample, due to the different fineness of the cotton, the gas flow rate through it also varies. By measuring the gas flow rate, the relevant micronaire value can be tested.

Technical features:

1. Using high-precision, wide range electronic flow sensors, the measurement range of micronaire values is wide, reaching 2.7~7.0, which can almost test all cotton on the market. This is currently the most widely used instrument in the world to measure micronaire values using the airflow method

2. One click testing, after installing the sample, you only need to press one button to quickly test. The instrument comes with a USB interface, and you can use the accompanying software to statistically analyze and print standard test reports. You can also save the test reports in Excel format.

3. Easy to calibrate, using standard cotton for quick calibration. After calibration, the micronaire value can also be accurately tested in non-standard laboratory environments.

Technical parameters:

Measurement range: 2.0~7.5 micronaire values

Accuracy: 0.03 micronaire value (standard laboratory environment)

Test time: Average 15 seconds

Sample quality: 5± 0.1g

Power supply: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Computer communication: USB port connection

External dimensions: L520 x W280 x H300mm

Weight: 10kg

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