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Smoke density tester

2024-03-21 15:01

1、 Compliant with standards:

GB/T 8627 and ASTM D2843 standard requirements

2、 Applicable scope:

Applicable to the determination of static smoke production during the combustion of building materials and their products, and can also be used for the determination of static smoke production during the combustion of other solid materials. According to GB/T 8627-2007 "Test Method for Smoke Density of Combustion or Decomposition of Building Materials", it is applicable to the determination of static smoke production during combustion of building materials, their products, and other materials.

3、 Main parameters:

1. Gas source: 95% propane gas, or gas of equivalent purity (provided by the customer);

2. Burning lamp: It is a Bunsen lamp with a length of 260mm and a nozzle diameter of 0.13mm, forming a 45 degree angle with the smoke box; Corner;

3. Optoelectronic system: The light source is a light bulb, with a power of 15W and a working voltage of 6V;

4. Exhaust system: This machine is equipped with a powerful exhaust fan, which can discharge exhaust gases outdoors after the test is completed;

5. Smoke density measurement range: 0-100%;

6. Accuracy of smoke density measurement:± 3%;

7. Receiver: It is a silicon photocell, with a light transmittance of 0% indicating no light passing through, and a light transmittance of 100% indicating complete light passing through without obstruction;

8. Processed focal length: 60-65mm;

9. Main burner working pressure: 276KPa (adjustable);

10. Auxiliary burner pressure: 138KPa (adjustable);

11. Automatic timing, automatic ignition, automatic smoke exhaust; The luminous flux can be automatically corrected;

12. Computer control, including a set of transmittance measurement software that can output curve reports, automatically save data, and can be printed;

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