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ATLAS xenon lamp aging test chamber

2024-03-21 15:03

ATLAS Ci3000+xenon lamp aging tester/sun fastness tester, using water-cooled xenon lamps and a new digital control system, has established a monument in the application of digital and optical technology to aging testing instruments. The Ci3000 series has been recognized by numerous manufacturers in the plastic, paint coatings, inks, packaging, automotive materials, photochemical materials, pigment dyes, and textile industries, and is considered a device that accurately and repetitively predicts the service life of products. The Ci3000 series has obtained certifications from international standard organizations such as CE, UL, CAS, ISO, and EN.

The main features of this tester include: rotating the sample holder to achieve uniform testing of all samples; Customized nozzles provided by customers for uniform sample rack spraying; ASTM blackboard thermometer and ISO/DIN black label thermometer are used to control the sample temperature to ensure test repeatability.

Compliant with standards:

AATCC TM16, AATCC TM16E, AATCC TM169, ASTM C1442, ASTM C1501, ASTM D904, ASTM D3424, ASTM D3451, ASTM D4101, ASTM D4303, ASTM D4355, ASTM D4459, ASTM D4798, ASTM D5010, ASTM D5071, ASTM D5794, ASTM D6083, ASTM D6551, ASTM D6577, ASTM D6695, ASTM G151, ASTM G155, GME 60292, ISO 105-B02, ISO 105-B04, ISO 105-B06, ISO 11341, ISO3917, ISO4817 92-1, ISO 4892-2, ISO12040, JASO M346, M&S C9 C9A, PSA D27 1389 1431, GB/T 8427/14576

Product features:

Supporting 4500W high-power precision water-cooled xenon lamp tubes

Total exposure area: 2188cm2 (339cm2)

Large screen full color TFT display for automatic diagnostic information

Directly control the temperature inside the box and the temperature on the blackboard or/and black label

Directly setting and controlling relative humidity

Directly set and control the air temperature inside the test chamber

Display diagnostic information

Built in 14 major international standards

Supports custom programming for 12 customers

Multilingual display (Chinese, English, French, German, Western, Japanese, Korean)

USB data output interface

Smart Damper with built-in global patents? Automatic air supply speed regulation and intelligent air conditioning system

Smart Light with built-in global patents? Intelligent lighting monitoring system

Filter combinations to meet all testing criteria

Intake pipe

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