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Improving the Resolution of Gas Chromatography

2024-02-26 14:27

During the use of gas chromatographs, it is easy for complex samples to be difficult to separate. This is a common method to improve the separation efficiency of gas chromatographs:

(1) Increasing the column length appropriately can improve the separation degree.

(2) Reduce the sample injection volume (increase the solvent volume for solid samples to reduce concentration).

(3) Increase the injection level to prevent double injection.

(4) Reduce the pressure and flow rate of the carrier gas.

(5) Lower the temperature of the chromatographic column to achieve better separation.

(6) Increase the temperature of the vaporization chamber.

(7) Reduce the dead volume of the gas system, for example, the chromatographic column connection should be inserted in place, and a non split structure vaporization chamber should be selected for non split injection.

(8) The capillary chromatography column needs to be split, and it is important to choose the appropriate split ratio.

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