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How to install a pure water machine

2024-02-26 14:24

The installation steps for the laboratory pure water machine are as follows:

1. The selection of installation location - is the primary issue, and it is best to install the ultrapure water machine close to the water source, which can facilitate later drainage; It is best to ensure that the installation position of the machine does not affect daily life and work, etc; It is best not to place the installation of equipment pipelines in direct sunlight. Of course, it is best to install it in a place with drainage and inlet facilities.

2. Install RO membrane - Remove the packaging film of the RO membrane, remove the water pipe at the cover of the RO membrane shell, unscrew the cover of the RO membrane shell, insert one end of the two rubber sealing rings into the stop inside the RO membrane shell, and rotate to insert it to the bottom. Move the sealing ring of the membrane shell end cover to the thread stop of the RO membrane shell first, then tighten the shell cover by hand, install the water pipe, and tighten it.

3. Installation of filter element - Remove the plastic packaging film and insert the fiber filter element, particle activated carbon filter element, and the side of the fiber filter element with double sealing rings into the interface of the filter bottle cap in order. Apply a little white Vaseline around the O-ring on the filter bottle, screw on the filter bottle and tighten it by hand. When using a special wrench, the tightening process should be even and not too strong.

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