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Replacement cycle of ultra pure water machine filter element

2024-01-26 15:35

1、 Reverse osmosis membrane: The lifespan of reverse osmosis membrane is 2-3 years, mainly determined by the water consumption of ultrapure water machine customers, so users must choose the matching specifications when purchasing.

2、 Activated carbon filter element: There is no intuitive change in the surface of the activated carbon filter element. Based on experience, it usually reaches saturation adsorption after about a year and needs to be replaced.

3、 Precision filter cartridge: Based on empirical data statistics, the lifespan of precision filter cartridges is generally 36 months. If there is a lot of sediment in the raw water, its lifespan is shorter, and if there are fewer particles such as sediment, its lifespan is slightly longer.

4、 Purification column: The lifespan of the purification column is expressed by the online resistivity. Below a specific resistance indicates that the purification column has expired, which is quite intuitive.

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