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How to maintain a pure water machine without stopping the machine

2024-01-26 15:30

The following are several situations and reasons for the pure water machine not stopping:

1、 Booster pump does not stop

1. The control board has a malfunction and cannot output a signal to shut down the booster pump.

2. The check valve is blocked and pure water cannot be discharged. The water source flows towards the wastewater outlet.

3. The high-voltage switch is malfunctioning and unable to jump.

2、 Booster pump shut down, but wastewater does not stop

1. The solenoid valve is malfunctioning and cannot effectively cut off water. (Inspection method: Close the pressure bucket ball valve. If there is still wastewater, it can be concluded that the electromagnetic valve is malfunctioning.)

2. The control board has a malfunction and cannot close the solenoid valve. (Refers to the HD-RO-13 series)

3. There is another situation where the inlet solenoid valve is closed and then opened. If the machine is functioning normally, it is judged that the water pressure is too high, causing the solenoid valve to not be able to close flexibly. Therefore, it is considered to adjust the size of the inlet main valve to reduce the water pressure.

4. Check valve pressure relief, wastewater is very small. Inspection method: Close the inlet solenoid valve. If there is still wastewater, it can be determined as check valve pressure relief.

3、 After the water is full, the machine jumps repeatedly and the frequency is fast, making it unable to stop completely

1. Insufficient raw water pressure.

2. Please replace the check valve for pressure relief.

3. High voltage switch malfunction.

4. Check for water leakage in all components of the system if there is a pressure relief phenomenon. (Check all interfaces at the end of the check valve, such as: rear activated carbon interface, pressure bucket interface, faucet interface, etc.)

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