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How to choose a pure water machine

2024-01-26 15:31

Before choosing a laboratory ultrapure water machine correctly, we must have a good understanding of the following concepts: What is pure water? What is ultrapure water? What is the difference between the two? Pure water, also known as pure water, refers to both space water and distilled water sold on the market. Ultra pure water further removes almost all conductive media from water on the basis of pure water, and also removes non dissociative colloidal substances, gases, and organic matter to a very low level of water. When choosing ultrapure water equipment, the following points should be noted:

1. When purchasing ultrapure water equipment, it is best to consider the nature of your enterprise, the purpose of the experiment, and the water quality requirements of the effluent, so as to select the model for you based on past sales experience;

2. The reference indicators for selecting ultrapure water equipment models should follow the principle of "high, not low";

3. The water volume is generally calculated based on 8 hours per day. If the ultra pure water equipment has a water output of 15L/hour according to the model, then its daily water output should be 120L;

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