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Cleaning of magnetostrictive level gauge

2024-01-26 15:37

Select non-magnetic materials such as stainless steel pipes and engineering plastic pipes to ensure the normal operation of the magnetic buoy. The float material should be able to meet the requirements of high temperature and high pressure during medium operation, and have a certain structural strength. The float material should be able to withstand the corrosion of the tested medium for a long time and have a certain service life.

In order to ensure the better operation of the magnetostrictive level gauge, we should clean it in a timely manner, mainly by cleaning the outer shell to prevent oxidation. The internal cleaning of the magnetic flap level gauge is also important. If not cleaned for a long time, the measurement error will increase, causing jamming between parts, and internal corrosion will become more severe, ultimately leading to the inability to work and use.

When checking for faults, be sure to cut off the power supply first. However, if multiple reference measures are taken in advance (such as marking the position or measuring voltage or resistance values before touching), touch is allowed if necessary, provided safety is confirmed. In recent years, with the development of industrial science and technology and the increasingly fierce market competition, manufacturers have begun to improve the quality of magnetic steel, greatly improving its stability in the market and significantly improving product quality.

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