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Precautions for ultrasonic cleaning machine

2024-01-24 14:07

Precautions for using ultrasonic cleaning machine:

(1) The power supply of the ultrasonic cleaning machine and the power supply of the electric heater must have a good grounding device.

(2) It is strictly prohibited to start the ultrasonic cleaning machine without cleaning solution, that is, the cleaning cylinder does not add a certain amount of cleaning solution, and the ultrasonic switch cannot be turned on.

(3) Cleaning equipment with heating equipment is strictly prohibited from turning on the heating switch when there is no liquid.

(4) It is prohibited to use heavy objects (iron parts) to impact the bottom of the cleaning cylinder to prevent damage to the energy converter chip.

(5) The ultrasonic generator power supply should use a separate 220V/50Hz power supply and be equipped with a voltage regulator of 2000W or above.

(6) The bottom of the cleaning cylinder should be regularly flushed, and there should be no excessive debris or dirt.

(7) When changing the liquid, wait for the ultrasonic wave to start before washing the parts.

Three cleaning treasures of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is an instrument and equipment that uses the cavitation effect of ultrasound in liquid, the acceleration effect on liquid particles, and the direct inflow effect to directly or indirectly act on dirt, dispersing, emulsifying, and peeling the dirt layer to achieve the cleaning purpose. Ultrasonic cleaning machines are widely used in various industries and fields such as industrial production, scientific research, medical treatment, and consumer life due to their excellent washing effect, wide applicability, simple operation, and convenient use.

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