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Operation method of salt spray testing machine

2024-01-24 14:04

Operation method

1. Install the internal parts of the salt spray test chamber: tower spray device, funnel, round bar, V-shaped sample rack, etc.

2. Connect the air source, turn on the power switch after the power is turned on.

3. Add water to the pressure bucket and box, stop adding water after the two low water level lights go out, and seal the sealing groove with water.

4. Mix purified water and sodium chloride in a ratio of 1:20. Pour the prepared solution into the entrance of the test drug (turn off the low salt water light).

5. After all the lights are off, we can turn on the operation, spray and timing switches. After the test, we can turn on the demist switch.

6. According to the test requirements, the equipment has two spray modes: continuous and periodic (T1 and T2 meters are all set to 0 in the case of continuous spray, T1 is set as the working time in the case of intermittent spray, and T2 is the rest time).

matters needing attention

1. Regularly clean and maintain the pressure bucket, salt water tank, and nozzle of the salt spray test box.

2. Do not manually add water to the sodium chloride solution from the pressure bucket. Clean the solution mixing cylinder before adding distilled water inside.

3. Do not block the exhaust pipe at the back during the experiment to avoid excessive pressure inside the box and deformation of the box.

4. Flammable and explosive materials should not be placed inside the box.

5. The pressure gauge at the back of the salt spray test box is 2 kilograms, and the pressure gauge at the front is 1 kilogram. Wuhan Shangce Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. has designed it before leaving the factory, please do not move it randomly.

6. If the spray volume is insufficient, please raise the spray tower, and if the spray volume is too large, lower the spray tower (the standard for collecting spray volume is 1~2ml/h, taking the average value of 16 hours)

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