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Maintenance of constant temperature water bath pot

2024-01-24 14:02

Thermostatic water bath pots are widely used for drying, concentration, distillation, impregnation of chemical reagents, impregnation of drugs and biological preparations. They can also be used for constant temperature heating and other temperature tests in water baths. They are essential tools for education and research in biology, genetics, viruses, aquatic products, environmental protection, medicine, hygiene, biochemical laboratories, and analysis rooms. Their main characteristics are: A. The water tank in the workshop is made of stainless steel, which has superior corrosion resistance B. Accurate temperature control with digital display and automatic temperature control C. Easy to operate and safe to use.

Overview of Structure of Thermostatic Water Bath

The outer shell of the box is made of cold-rolled steel plate, with a surface baked paint. The inner liner is made of stainless steel, and the middle layer is insulated with polyurethane. It is also equipped with a constant temperature controller and an electric heater.

Main components

1. Thermal constant temperature controller, using stainless steel and brass tubes as heat sensing elements, installed under the partition of the box chamber, directly immersed in water for fast heat transfer and high sensitivity.

2. The electric heating tube is made of U-shaped steel pipe, sintered magnesium oxide, and electric heating wire. It can be directly immersed in water and has less heat loss.

Maintenance of constant temperature water bath pot

1. Clean the instrument immediately after each use. Clean the water in the water bath pot, use a brush to gently brush off the coarse debris inside the pot, and clean the inside of the pot. Wipe the inner and outer surfaces of the water bath with a soft cloth, then dry with a clean cloth.

2. The inner surface of the equipment should be free of water droplets, and the outer surface of the equipment should be bright, clean, and free of stains.

3. When using a water bath, it must be reliably grounded and water must not overflow into the control box.

4. Do not have water in the water bath pot or the water level is lower than the electric heating tube to prevent the electric heating tube from exploding.

5. Conduct monthly instrument maintenance inspections and promptly fill out maintenance records.

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