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How to choose a suitable gas chromatograph

2024-01-23 14:40

1、 Act within one's means

Based on your needs, choose the appropriate one. If you are teaching or conducting general routine testing, these domestically produced gas chromatographs should be able to meet the requirements. If you are cooperating with conventional analysis in production, choose a single detector gas chromatograph with only one detector, such as a gas chromatograph with only a thermal conductivity detector or an electron capture detector, to maximize its effectiveness.

2、 On demand shopping

"Buy whatever you need" because many people have another "little nine", which means that attachments that are not needed temporarily or even not necessarily needed in the future are also bought together. A few years ago, when various units purchased chromatographs, if the higher authorities allocated funds, they would buy all the accessories, which was actually both wasteful and troublesome. For example, in your actual work, only thermal conductivity detectors and hydrogen flame ionization detectors were needed, but when ordering chromatographs, electrons were captured.

I also bought detectors and flame photometric detectors, so I don't need to keep them in the warehouse. So it should be about which detectors and accessories are needed, and only which ones to buy. This is not only about on-demand shopping, but also about losing some. If you need a new accessory with better performance, wouldn't it be both cost-effective and cost-effective? Especially with the rapid development of various instruments, new functions are constantly increasing, and existing functions are constantly improving. Therefore, you should buy what you needed at that time, and don't buy accessories that were not needed at that time.

3、 Survey and research

Before purchasing a gas chromatograph, it is necessary to conduct some research, including data, market, and target investigation. Data investigation can be conducted through manuals, series of books, or through professional instrument portal websites to learn about recent introductions of manufacturers. Foreign manufacturers can also learn about their recent new products and features through their internet websites.

Market research is a process of conducting further detailed investigations of relevant manufacturers based on data research, in order to understand their performance, characteristics, and prices. At the same time, it involves understanding some users who have already used the product, so that you can conduct further investigations with these users and understand the characteristics, applicability, and issues of the instrument from a practical analysis perspective.

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