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Performance of non-metallic compensators

2024-01-23 14:13

As a flexible component, non-metallic corrugated expansion joints have unique performance. Widely used in fluid transportation pipelines and equipment in industries such as mining, metallurgy, power, cement materials, nuclear energy, and petrochemicals.

General non-metallic corrugated expansion joints can compensate for axial, transverse, and angular directions, so non-metallic expansion joints can be divided into straight cylindrical, compound, angular, and square types according to these functions. Like rubber shock absorbers and V-shaped sealing rings, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, noise reduction and shock absorption. Due to its function of no thrust and simplified support design, it is generally suitable for hot air pipelines and smoke and dust pipelines.

The improvement of protective equipment requires the compensation of non-metallic corrugated expansion joints, mainly because this type of compensator is more convenient to install and has strong practicality, and can be used for more time than ordinary expansion joints. In terms of basic structure, it can be divided into skin, stainless steel wire mesh, insulation cotton, insulation filler layer, frame, and baffle.

Non metallic compensator, also known as non-metallic corrugated PTFE expansion joint, has excellent expansion and contraction function, which can protect the safe operation of the pipeline. Due to the advantage of compensation, this type of expansion joint absorbs the axial, horizontal, and angular thermal deformation of the pipeline. The main component of non-metallic corrugated expansion joints is stainless steel corrugated pipes with elasticity, which can be freely extended and bent to compensate for errors. Rubber shock absorbers and V-shaped sealing rings can reduce vibration

Product features:

(1) Compensating for thermal expansion: Non metallic expansion joints can provide larger multi-dimensional directional compensation within a smaller size range.

(2) Compensation for installation errors: Due to inevitable system errors in pipeline connections, non-metallic expansion joints can effectively eliminate installation errors.

(3) Noise reduction and vibration isolation: Fiber fabrics and insulation cotton themselves have the function of absorbing sound and isolating vibration transmission, which can effectively reduce boiler and fan emissions.

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