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Use of magnetic flap level gauge

2024-01-23 14:13

1. Magnetic flap level gauge is a measuring instrument that uses a magnetic float to sense the liquid level or interface being measured. The principle is that the magnetic float cooperates with the display magnetic body to display the measured liquid level or interface.

2. The magnetic flap level gauge indicator can be installed on the top and side of the barrel groove to indicate and control the liquid level inside the barrel groove. The connecting flange is a control instrument that can withstand customized liquid level heights. The indicator is composed of magnetic color plates. When the floating ball in the body tube rises with the liquid level, the color plates flip to display the liquid level height. Remote transmission transmitters can also be installed on the body tube.

3. The magnetic flap level gauge is suitable for high temperature, high pressure and other places, and can display and remotely control on the spot. The main body pipe is made of seamless steel pipe, and the pipe is welded with pull holes without scratches inside. The lower end of the main body is fully sealed to prevent leakage.

4. The magnetic flap level gauge uses a connecting tube principle, which ensures that the liquid level between the measured container and the measuring tube is equal. When the float in the measuring tube changes in quality with the measured liquid level, the magnetic body in the float and the magnetic body in the display column on the display board have the same effect, causing the color column to flip. The white color indicates no liquid, while the red color indicates liquid, in order to reach the displayed liquid level value on the spot.

5. There are two installation methods for the magnetic flap level gauge: side mounted and top mounted. Regardless of the installation method, it can be equipped with remote transmission installation, allowing the level gauge to display the liquid level on the spot or remotely monitor the liquid level.

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