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How to use standard weights

2024-01-23 14:37

1. Weights should be properly stored and should not be placed in damp or dusty environments.

2. Before and after use, it is necessary to count the weights in the box once to avoid loss.

3. Do not touch the weight with bare hands, and use special tools to extract the weight when using it.

Before use, use a soft bristled brush or a specialized wiping cloth to remove dust from the surface of the weight.

5. Before the balance inspection, the weights need to be kept at a constant temperature to reach the atmospheric conditions of the laboratory.

When taking and placing weights, they must be handled with care.

Weights are classified into five levels: E1, E2, F1, F2, and M1

The difference between equality and hierarchy lies in:

The classification is based on uncertainty, that is, the weight has a correction value,

Grades are classified based on indication error, meaning that the weights have no correction value, and as long as their indication error falls within this range, they are considered qualified.

The main materials of steel chrome plated weights are steel and chromium. The internal material is made of 45 'steel, and the surface is chemically coated to form a thin layer of chromium on the surface of the steel. Metal chromium is easily passivated in the air, forming an extremely thin passivation film on the surface, thereby displaying the properties of precious metals.

Chromium plating has strong hardness and good heat resistance. If heated at high temperatures, its luster and hardness do not show significant changes. Chromium plating has good chemical stability and does not react in alkalis, sulfides, and most organic acids. Chromium plating has a hard, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and rust resistant texture, which can be used to manufacture machines and tools. Moreover, chromium plated steel has a high surface hardness, rust and acid resistance, and strong reflectivity, Although steel chrome plating is a cost-effective option for 45 'steel and has a wear-resistant surface, it cannot prevent deformation. Due to its excellent performance, the chrome plating layer is widely used as the outer layer and functional coating of protective decorative coating systems, and has always played an important role in the electroplating industry. This weight is mainly packaged in environmentally friendly plastic boxes, which can prevent the weight from getting dirty and being damaged. Steel chrome plated weights can enhance surface wear resistance and corrosion resistance, making the weight less prone to wear. In addition, the chrome plated layer has strong passivation ability in the atmosphere, and its chemical properties are relatively stable and not prone to chemical reactions. This allows the weight to maintain its metallic luster for a long time, making the product durable and accurate in weight, which can save costs, So as to increase efficiency.

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