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How to choose a thermal imager

2024-01-15 14:18

How to distinguish a high-quality thermal imager?

If the price of an infrared thermal imager is relatively high, then our main focus is to observe or carefully inquire about the quality of the following components.

1. Detectors

The most important component of an infrared thermal imager is the detector, and the resolution of the detector directly affects the smooth and clear conversion of the detected signal into an image, which also directly affects the effectiveness of using an infrared thermal imager.

For handheld infrared thermal imagers, 160 * 120 is the golden resolution and has a very good cost performance ratio.

If the price is relatively expensive, then if the pixels have not yet exceeded 1 million, it is definitely not worth it. The resolution of the detector has a significant impact on the price of infrared thermal imagers.

At the same time, we should make choices based on our own needs and not blindly follow the trend.

2. Frame rate of infrared thermal imager

Many people may not have heard of this, which is the second key factor affecting the price of infrared thermal imagers. Frame rate refers to the number of times a thermal imager can capture, process, and display images within one second.

If the frame rate is high, then the image is naturally very clear. Generally, expensive infrared thermal imagers have a relatively high frame rate. When choosing, we must have a clear understanding of the frame rate.

3. Range of temperature measurement

If the measurement range is relatively large, it indicates that the induction range is relatively large and the image clarity is also very high. Naturally, the price may be higher, and of course, one of the indicators is temperature measurement accuracy;

Therefore, if the price is expensive, we must make a judgment on it. If the price is expensive under the same conditions, it indicates that the accuracy and range of temperature measurement are definitely relatively large.

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