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Testing principle of constant temperature adhesive tester

2024-01-15 14:17

Scope of use of the constant temperature tape retention testing machine:

Designed and manufactured in accordance with GB4851 (Pressure sensitive adhesive tape adhesion test method) and the standard method for determining the adhesion force of adhesive patches, it is suitable for conducting adhesion test on products such as pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, stickers, adhesive patches, and thermosols.

Design standard for constant temperature tape retention testing machine:

YY0852-2011 Disposable Sterile Surgical Membrane

GB4851 Pressure sensitive adhesive tape adhesion testing method

JISZ0237 Test methods for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets

ASTMD3654 Test method for shear viscosity of pressure-sensitive tapes

Sample preparation:

After removing 3-5 circles of adhesive tape from the outer layer of the adhesive tape test paper, the constant temperature and humidity tape retention testing machine unlocks the sample roll at a rate of about 300mm/min (the isolation layer of the sheet-like sample is also removed at the same rate). Every 200mm, a 25mm wide and 100mm long sample is cut from the middle of the adhesive tape. Unless otherwise specified, the number of samples per group shall not be less than three.

After the sample is uncoiled, except when there is significant tensile deformation, a release time of no more than 3 minutes is allowed. Generally, the sample should be immediately cut and tested. The adhesive part of the sample is not allowed to come into contact with hands or other objects.

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