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Knowledge of stainless steel differential pressure gauges

2024-01-15 14:16

The all stainless steel differential pressure gauge adopts a double corrugated pipe structure, which means that two corrugated pipes are installed symmetrically on both sides of the I-shaped bracket.

Performance characteristics of differential pressure gauges

1. Instruments are divided into two types: chromium steel mixed structure and all stainless steel structure; The all stainless steel structure has strong corrosion resistance;

2. The control table is designed symmetrically, with high resistance to static pressure and strong overload resistance;

3. Adopting specialized high-performance elastic components, with small transmission errors and high indication and control accuracy;

4. Has extremely high work reliability and stability;

5. The pressure control range is continuously adjustable from zero to full range;

6. Can be equipped with an upper and lower limit alarm switch output.

The upper and lower ends of the "I-shaped" frame are respectively the movable end and the fixed end, and the middle is connected by shrapnel; Two corrugated pipes are connected to the low-pressure joint on the watch case, and the gear transmission structure is directly installed at the fixed end of the bracket.

And connected to the movable end of the bracket through a pull rod; The dial is directly fixed on the gear transmission mechanism.

When different pressures are applied (usually higher at the high pressure end than at the low pressure end), the forces acting on the movable bracket by the two corrugated pipes are not equal, causing the displacement generated separately and driving the gear transmission mechanism to drive and amplify, indicating the differential pressure value after the pointer deflects.

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