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The principle of powder density tester

2024-01-12 15:12

The powder density tester is a type of electronic solid density meter, which is also based on the principle of electronic density meters;

It can test the true density of objects, and the testing process is simple and fast. In the powder testing industry, with the help of specialized density bottles, the density value can be accurately read.

Object powder generally refers to powdery objects, including powders, fireproof materials, ceramic materials, carbon materials, grinding materials, cement powder, plastic powder and particles, rubber powder, and some powdery objects, such as soil and coal.

What is the true density of an object

Generally speaking, the true density of an object refers to the actual mass per unit volume of solid material in an absolutely dense state, that is, the density after removing internal pores or gaps between particles.

Principle of powder density tester:

Powder density meter is a type of desktop electronic density meter, which is based on the Archimedes principle of buoyancy method. The testing steps are simple and fast,

Advantages of powder electronic density tester:

1. Directly read the true density of any powder;

2. Can read the density of liquid media (as most powder density measurements are not using distilled water);

3. Easy, fast, and accurate operation;

4. Different liquid media can be used according to product characteristics;

5. It has the function of setting the actual water temperature and density of other liquid media;

6. Equipped with air buoyancy compensation setting and density upper and lower limit setting functions;

7. Equipped with a dedicated wind and dust cover, easy to assemble, sturdy and durable.

Choose a powder density tester and choose a suitable density meter based on the characteristics of your product's powder.

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