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Construction of odor gas detector

2024-01-10 13:47

The odor gas detector adopts international electronic nose technology, consisting of odor gas capture device, odor sensing matrix, and data processing device.

The instrument can be extended to 12 detection sensors that are suitable for odor and major individual odors.

The odor gas detector can quickly analyze the concentration of odor and individual substances on site, which can not only shorten the time of previous laboratory analysis;

And it can provide data support for environmental technology professionals to quickly respond to odors on site.

Large scale industrial areas with poor infrastructure:

Odor monitoring, harmful gas leakage monitoring, and rapid detection of various foods and spicy seasonings in livestock pens such as chemical parks, wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, landfills, and pigstys.

Quickly investigate the sources of odor pollution in odor petition areas

Rapid detection of indoor decoration materials, vehicle exhaust emissions, and other pollution situations

Investigate the causes of odor production in the factory and establish a management system for the work site. Odor gas detector

Predictable odor diffusion related to meteorological monitoring

Reducing gas emissions through monitoring chimneys

Manage prevention and control facilities by evaluating their efficiency

Environmental protection agencies will immediately implement on-site control on odor facilities

On site hazard assessment of hazardous gas factories and enclosed spaces

Single gas concentration analysis that can replace laboratory testing tube experiments

On site evaluation of other household odors and harmful gases using odor gas detectors.

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