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Factors affecting the measurement of oxygen detectors

2024-01-10 13:43

When using multiple gas detectors, we are conducting oxygen content analysis, especially trace oxygen analysis; Due to the high oxygen content of 21% O2 in the air, improper handling can easily lead to contamination and interference with the sample, resulting in incorrect analysis data. The main reason is improper operation of the oxygen detector.

The following are just a few factors that affect the measurement:

1. Simplification and cleanliness of the oxygen detector gas circuit system. Microanalysis requires the effective elimination of contamination caused by dead corners in various pipe fittings, chamfering machine valves, meter heads, etc. in the gas path.

Therefore, manual pipe bending machines should simplify the pneumatic system as much as possible and choose connectors with small dead corners.

Avoid using water seals, oil seals, and wax seals to prevent dissolved oxygen from escaping and causing pollution. It is also necessary to avoid adding purification equipment that is prone to pollution on the pipeline leading out the sample gas to the inlet of the oxygen analyzer.

Only in this way can we ensure the cleanliness of the system and the accuracy of the data obtained.

2. Pollution caused by portable gas detection alarm and oxygen detection instrument.

When reusing the four in one gas detector, the first thing to pay attention to is whether there is any air leakage when connecting the sampling pipeline, and the leaked air must be carefully blown clean to minimize the passage of a large amount of oxygen through the sensor and extend its lifespan.

In the purification process of pipeline systems, in order to shorten the purification time, a certain method is needed. Riveting machines generally use high-pressure air release and small flow blowing alternately to quickly purify the pipeline.

3. Selection of pipeline materials. The material and surface roughness of the pipeline will also affect the changes in oxygen content in the sample gas.

It is generally not advisable to use plastic pipes, rubber pipes, etc. as connecting pipelines. Copper or stainless steel tubes are usually used, and for ultra trace analysis (referring to<0.1ppm), polished stainless steel tubes must be used.

4. Leakage problem of oxygen detector. The oxygen detector must be strictly leak tested before its initial use. Oxygen analyzers can only obtain correct data results under tight and leak free conditions.

Any loose connection points, welding points, valves, etc. will cause oxygen in the air to seep back into the pipeline and oxygen analyzer, resulting in high oxygen content.

Oxygen detection alarm portable gas detection alarm, pocket sized, compact, and convenient to use.

Its sensors use electrochemical sensors, which are sensitive and suitable for continuous detection of the percentage concentration of oxygen in the air of industrial and mining enterprises;

When the environmental concentration is high, the gas detector will sound, light, and vibration alarms at high and low limits, warning on-site personnel to evacuate the hazardous area as soon as possible.

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