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Detect the air leakage rate of the dust collector

2024-01-10 13:38

In actual operation, no dust collector can achieve complete tightness, and there may be air leakage at the shell joints, various holes, covers, etc. Due to factors such as design, manufacturing, installation, and operation, even the same equipment can have significantly different air leakage rates.

In general, dust collectors operate under negative pressure. If the air leakage rate is too high, it will have adverse effects on the system and equipment.

For the entire dust removal system, the leakage of external atmosphere will increase the exhaust air volume of the system while reducing the air volume at the suction point, resulting in an increase in useless electrical energy waste and a decrease in the overall dust removal efficiency of the system.

For dust removal equipment, conventional electrostatic precipitators are usually used in high-temperature flue gas systems, where there is a certain amount of moisture and sulfur oxides in the flue gas. The leakage of external atmosphere will lower the temperature in the local area of the dust collector, which may cause the condensation and precipitation of moisture in the flue gas, generating dilute sulfuric acid. The precipitation of moisture can also cause some dust to become damp and stick to the discharge and collection electrodes, causing problems such as enlarged discharge wires and abnormal dust accumulation at the collection electrodes. If the ash hopper leaks air, there will be a phenomenon of blowing dust, causing the dust to return to the airflow and affecting the dust removal effect. Therefore, it can be seen that for electrostatic precipitators, whether it is a conventional electrostatic precipitator or a low temperature electrostatic precipitator, this is quite sensitive.

For acid containing flue gas, when the temperature drops below the dew point, the generated dilute sulfuric acid will corrode the structure of the electrostatic precipitator without anti-corrosion treatment, greatly shortening the service life of the electrostatic precipitator.

In summary, the air leakage rate is a very important indicator for electrostatic precipitators, especially for equipment with strict requirements for dust removal efficiency. It is necessary to detect the air leakage rate of a newly built or overhauled electrostatic precipitator.

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