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Detection of cardboard boxes

2024-01-04 13:43

Box cardboard is a relatively sturdy cardboard used specifically for making outer packaging boxes. Widely used in general merchandise, packaging books, radios, televisions, machine parts, and food, etc.

Testing items:

Physical properties: hole size, quantification, whiteness, pH value, appearance, size, length, fading, stiffness, moisture content, chromaticity, brightness, width, ash content, thickness, opacity, tearing degree, smoothness, light resistance, coverage, beating degree, roughness, dust degree, interlayer bonding rate, surface glossiness, microbial indicators, edge pressure strength, printing glossiness, lateral folding resistance, horizontal thickness difference, horizontal quantitative difference, water absorption Dragging degree, breathability, elasticity, softness, smoothness, burst resistance, glossiness, ink absorption, fluorescent substances, fluorescent whiteness, fiber length, fiber quantity, hygiene indicators, leakage performance, foaming speed, flat compression strength, tensile strength, ring compression strength, beating and copying, horizontal liquid absorption height, etc. Mechanical properties: edge compression strength, stacking strength, bonding strength, shaking cover bending resistance, empty box compression strength, compressive strength, burst strength, puncture strength, impact strength, and resistance to transfer load.

Testing standards:

DB44/T1076-2012 coated white hanging cardboard box

GB/T10335.5-2008 Coated paper and paperboard Coated box paperboard

GB/T13024-2016 Carton Board

GB/T22827-2008 accordion box cardboard

GB/T22870-2008 Bleached Pulp Hanging Box Board

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