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Testing of Chemical Additive Products

2024-01-04 13:35

Chemical additives refer to the various types of chemical additives required by a certain industry, including but not limited to metal processing additives, plastic additives, papermaking additives, construction additives, water treatment additives, coating additives, leather additives, textile printing and dyeing additives, etc.

1: Segmentation of Chemical Additive Products

1. Rubber and plastic additive testing

Plasticizers, flame retardants for plastics, antioxidants, stabilizers, foaming agents, rubber additives, accelerators, antioxidants, defoamers, rejuvenators, plasticizers, etc;

2. Water treatment agent testing

Corrosion inhibitors, water quality stabilizers, flocculants, bactericidal and algal agents, chelating agents, etc;

3. Surfactant testing

Stearic acid, sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, quaternary ammonium compounds, industrial ethoxylated fatty amines, industrial sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium ethoxylated alkyl sulfate, layered crystalline sodium disilicate, industrial alkane sulfonates, fatty acid glycerides, etc;

4. Testing of paint additives

Light stabilizers, leveling agents, anti scaling agents, drying agents, pigment dispersants, etc;

5. Testing of building additives

Mortar additives, cement concrete admixtures, stone additives, cement grinding aids, etc;

6. Catalyst detection

Conversion catalyst, transformation catalyst, methane conversion catalyst, ammonia synthesis catalyst, vanadium catalyst for sulfuric acid production, hydrogenation desulfurization catalyst, gas purification catalyst, etc.

2: Chemical additive testing project

Physical indicators: pH value, chromaticity, crystallization point, density, whiteness, particle size, oil absorption, activity determination, pH value, boiling range, etc;

Chemical indicators: purity and impurity content, evaporation residue, acidity, hydroxyl compounds, polymerization inhibitors, total aldehyde content, compound content, peroxides, elemental content, moisture, chlorides, alcohol content, heavy metal content, burning residue, insoluble content, water-soluble content, sieve residue content, bulk density, looseness, volatile matter at 105 ℃, etc.

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