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What is the pilling test method of textile?

2023-11-02 11:52

The pilling test method of textiles is used to assess the tendency of fabrics or textiles to form pills or fuzz balls during use. Pilling refers to the formation of small, tangled fiber clusters on the surface of a fabric, which can negatively affect its appearance and texture.

There are several standard methods commonly used for pilling testing, including:

1. Martindale method: This method involves rubbing the fabric samples against a specified abrasive material in a circular motion. The samples are then visually inspected for the formation of pills. The number and severity of pills are evaluated and rated using a standardized scale.

2. Random tumble pilling test: This method, as mentioned before, involves subjecting the fabric to random tumbling with the help of rubber or steel balls in a testing machine. The fabric undergoes repeated friction, simulating real-world use conditions. The pills formed on the fabric surface are assessed and rated according to a standardized scale.

3. ICI pilling box method: This method involves placing the fabric sample inside a rotating box along with a number of cork pieces. The box rotates, causing the fabric to rub against the cork pieces. After a specified number of rotations, the fabric is evaluated for the formation of pills using visual inspection and rating scales.

4. Brush or Suter tester method: This method employs a rotating brush or abrasive surface to subject the fabric to a controlled level of abrasion. The fabric is inspected and rated for pilling based on the appearance and severity of pills formed.

These are just a few examples of pilling test methods used in the textile industry. The choice of test method depends on the specific requirements and standards of the industry or product. Pilling test results provide valuable information about the durability and quality of the fabric, helping manufacturers and consumers make informed decisions.

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