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Original title: What are the testing standards for fabric tensile properties?

2023-10-18 13:55

When the fabric is subjected to tensile external force during wearing and use, it will elongate, deform or even break. Fabrics with better tensile properties are stronger and more durable. The fabric tensile property test refers to using the constant velocity elongation (CRE) test to stretch the sample at a constant speed until it breaks, and record the breaking strength, length of breaking elongation and breaking elongation to evaluate the fabric stretch. Performance is good or bad.

Factors affecting fabric tensile properties

Material properties: Different fiber types of fabrics have different mechanical properties, which affects their strength and toughness. Even for the same fiber, differences in properties will cause changes in tensile properties.

Structural density: yarn density, fabric density, warp and weft density, and fabric pattern will all affect the mechanical properties of the fabric. The higher the density, the tensile strength will increase accordingly. Different fabric patterns will also cause different stresses, thus affecting the tensile properties. .

Manufacturing process: A decisive factor in fabric quality and performance is the manufacturing process. The more precise the manufacturing process, the more uniform and smooth the fabric will be, and the better its tensile properties will be. In addition, fabric properties can also be improved through post-finishing processes.

Fabric tensile properties testing standards

ISO 13934-1:1999 Tensile properties of fabrics Part 1 Determination of breaking strength and elongation at break (strip method)

ISO 13934-2:1999 Tensile properties of fabrics Part 1 Test of breaking strength (grab sample method)

The strip method refers to the stretching method in which the entire width of the sample is clamped by the clamper during the test, and the grab sample method refers to the stretching method in which the central part of the width direction of the sample is clamped by the clamper during the test. Hohenstein is a professional textile testing service provider that can test fabric tensile properties according to ISO 13934-1:1999 and ISO 13934-2:1999.

Application of fabric tensile properties testing

Fabric tensile property testing has wide application value in textiles, clothing, home textiles and other fields. The following are several typical application scenarios:

(1) Textile production link: In the textile production process, fabric tensile property testing can be used to detect the quality of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Through the test results, companies can promptly adjust production processes and improve product quality.

(2) Clothing design and production: In the clothing design stage, fabric tensile performance testing can help designers understand the performance characteristics of different fabrics, thereby providing a basis for the design of clothing styles and structures. During the garment production process, tensile performance testing can test the durability and comfort of garments and provide a reference for consumers.

(3) R&D and production of home textile products: The comfort, durability and safety of home textile products such as curtains, carpets, towels, etc. largely depend on the tensile properties of the fabric. Therefore, fabric tensile property testing is of great significance in product development and production in the home textile industry.

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