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How to find relevant color fastness test standards or specifications?

2023-10-18 13:39

To find the relevant color fastness test standards or specifications, the following pathways can be taken:

ISO is an international standardization organization that provides a wide range of standards and specifications, including those used for color and color fastness testing. Visit the official ISO website and use keyword searches for standards such as "colorfastness" (color fastness) or "colorfastness test" (color fastness test). Once the relevant criteria are found, you can purchase standard documents or obtain summary information.

National Standards Body: Different countries have their own standardization organizations or institutions, such as China’s National Standardization Administration Council (SAC) or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in the United States. By visiting the websites of these institutions, you can search for relevant color fastness testing standards or specifications.

Industry organizations or associations: Many industry organizations or associations have developed standards or guidelines related to color fastness testing. These organizations typically focus on specific industries such as textile, leather, clothing, etc. By searching websites of relevant industry organizations or contacting them, relevant color fastness testing standards can be obtained.

Academic research institutes or laboratories: Some academic research institutes or laboratories may issue research reports or technical guidelines containing information on color fastness tests. Relevant standards or references can be obtained by searching the website of an academic institution or contacting the relevant researchers.

5. Professional publications: consult professional publications, such as journals, manuals, books, etc., in the fields of textile, leather, materials science, etc. These publications typically contain details about the color fastness test criteria or methods.

When looking for relevant color fastness testing standards or specifications, it is recommended to opt for the latest version of the standard as much as possible to ensure consistency with current industry practices and requirements. In addition, professional, industry experts or quality inspection agencies can also be consulted to obtain more advice and guidance.

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