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How to choose the furniture testing instrument that suits you?

2023-10-18 13:38

A furniture manufacturer found me yesterday and wanted to buy furniture testing equipment, but because I didn’t know anything about this testing equipment, I was very impatient. Since there are so many national standards, I didn’t know which equipment to use. Which manufacturer's equipment is good? Based on the customer's inner needs, we will discuss in detail the key points for customers to choose when purchasing instruments. As long as you choose according to these points, you will find a high-quality environmental test chamber manufacturer.

1. Give priority to professional manufacturers of testing instruments. The advantages are timely delivery, timely repairs, and reasonable repair fees. The disadvantage is that payment is relatively demanding, and most of them will not ship until the payment is in place. This involves how to determine whether the manufacturer is a real manufacturer. The effective method is to conduct a door-to-door inspection to see whether there are production and processing equipment in the factory area, whether the transfer of the value can be traced back to the relevant national measurement department, etc.; and then by checking the relevant corporate documents, such as Business license, tax registration certificate, etc.

2. Don’t blindly pursue well-known brands. The actual situation of the enterprise should be considered and the purpose of purchasing high-precision instruments is to spend less money. Finding testing instruments suitable for your company not only saves procurement costs for the company, but also indirectly promotes the development of the testing instrument industry. With competition in the market, products will continue to innovate and improve, thereby promoting the continuous development of the testing instrument industry.

3. If there is no suitable manufacturer, you should find a dealer to purchase. During the procurement process, dealers cannot be entrusted with full authority to purchase a complete set of testing equipment. Doing so will cause inconvenience and expensive repair costs in the future.

4. Cheap is not a good product, so choose carefully. Maybe some manufacturers will flatter themselves that they only want cheap products to save the company's costs. Everyone knows the truth of "cheap products are not good products". In many cases, many problems occur in the later stage, leading to production stagnation.

5. Based on how to identify high-quality testing instruments, compare shopping options before determining how to make further purchases.

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