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ISO 28080:2011 - Abrasion tests for hardmetals

2023-10-19 14:19

ISO 28080:2011 is a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) titled "Hardmetals - Abrasion tests." This standard provides guidelines and procedures for conducting abrasion tests on hardmetals, which are composite materials made of a mixture of metal and carbide phases.

The purpose of this standard is to determine the resistance of hardmetals to abrasion, which is the process of wearing down a material's surface by friction. Abrasion tests are important for assessing the performance and durability of hardmetals in various applications, such as cutting tools, mining equipment, and wear-resistant components.

ISO 28080:2011 specifies two types of abrasion tests for hardmetals: the dry sand/rubber wheel abrasion test and the dry sand/rubber wheel abrasion-corrosion test. These tests involve subjecting the hardmetal samples to controlled abrasive conditions, simulating the wear and tear they may experience in real-world applications.

The standard provides detailed instructions on sample preparation, test equipment, test procedures, and data analysis. It also includes information on the evaluation of test results and reporting guidelines.

ISO 28080:2011 is applicable to hardmetals with various compositions, grain sizes, and binder metals. It is intended for use by manufacturers, researchers, and quality control personnel involved in the production and testing of hardmetals.

It is important to note that ISO 28080:2011 has been replaced by ISO 28137:2019, which is the current standard for abrasion testing of hardmetals. However, ISO 28080:2011 may still be referenced or used for specific applications or requirements.

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