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How to maintain fire-retardant and flame-retardant work clothes and how to test them?

2023-10-16 11:17

Fireproof fireproof overalls play an indispensable role in our current industry. They protect the personal safety of workers. However, the cleaning method of this special fireproof clothing is much more particular than the way we usually clean clothing. Now Let’s take a look at how to clean fire-resistant workwear.

First of all, fireproof work clothes are divided into two styles: one is the top and bottom style, and the other is the one-piece style. Since special workwear is more difficult to manufacture than general workwear and has higher technical requirements, the cleaning methods are also very different. If you do not pay attention to these details, it is likely to reduce the life of fireproof workwear and even affect workers at critical moments. personal safety.

Cleaning method: The breaking strength of the fabric of fireproof work clothes is greater than 450N before washing and greater than 400N after washing. The shrinkage rate of his fabric is less than 2.5%. In order to avoid dust contamination, cleaning of fire-proof work clothes should be completed indoors. In order to be safer and more beautiful, when cleaning, the water temperature should be below 30 degrees, add 1g of neutral fat soap or enzyme-free detergent per kilogram of clothing, the liquor ratio should not be greater than 1:40, and use light cleaning methods. After cleaning, it should be dried in the sun, or dried naturally and then ironed at 150 degrees for 2 minutes. It can also be used after ironing at 150 degrees for 4 minutes. When not in use, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid mechanical or chemical damage, and should not be placed together with corrosive items.

The 45º flammability tester is an instrument for testing the burning resistance of textiles under controlled burning conditions.

1. Stainless steel combustion test chamber to ensure the safety of the test process.

2. The entire process of the combustion test can be observed through glass doors and windows, and the flame spread and test conditions can be recorded.

3. Use a flow meter to adjust the length of the combustion flame according to specific test requirements.

4. The automatic flame control timer controls the burning time of the fire source on the sample.


5. The ignition head automatic control system automatically aims the fire source at the sample for combustion, and automatically removes the fire source after the set burning time is reached.

6. The burning timer automatically records the time from the beginning of burning of the sample to the time when the yarn breaks.

Scope of application: various textiles.

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